Friday, August 23, 2013

Hotel de Davis ~ June and July

First off let me say, we LOVE when people visit us! The Hotel de Davis is always open to anyone!
We were so lucky to have so many people come and visit us in June and was busy! The best part is reconnecting with our old friends and remembering why we love them so much!
Roger and Leigh Taylor came for a whirlwind European tour in early July with their 3 kids Beck, Miles and Avery. We had tried to time it so they would be here on a weekend since my kids were still in school and they could do the touristy London stuff during the week. I think it worked out pretty well and we got to have lots of time together as well as for them to explore England. Henry was stoked to see his two best buds and Avery and May picked right on up!

May introducing Avery to her British neighbours

Great weather for dining al fresco!

Of course these reading fools had to hit up the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

Trying out Butter Beer

Wand Shop

Henry was a lot of fun!

Nothing like a friend's shoulder to sleep on!

So fun to reconnect, British style, in our local pub!
Amongst all the visitors, we still had our daily lives! Pete was going to work, kids to school, gymnastics, cricket training, etc... Because it was the end of the school year and May's last year at Polehampton, she had all sorts of events the last 2 weeks of school...District Sports Day, the Polehampton Swim Gala, her Year Six Leaver's Prom, and Graduation! Henry just finished his first year of secondary school...well done Henry! But he is not in any of these pics!
District Sports day in Reading ~ May and her mates

May and Hermione

The Swim Gala at Polehampton

May and Zoe

May's house won the Swim Gala ~ Go Loddon!!

May Davis ~ Loddon Vice Captain

Yes I called in the big guns for the "prom"!

Yes, she wore make up!

Feeling pretty thrilled with herself!

Oh No the triangle arm of insecurity!

May, Hermione and Lauren

Larissa, Hermione and May

The girls

Loved seeing all the different styles and personalities come out at the Prom!

May graduates!

Thanks Polehampton!

May and her teacher, Mrs. Stockdale

May and her emotional mates~ "I wasn't there long enough to be sad." she said.

Loddon Vice Captains
Last day of school!
My good friend Laurie was in town with her husband for his work!
We met for lunch in Windsor and then she came back to my house for dinner.

Gainer arrived (finally) and we dragged her into London straightway for dinner with Laurie and Paul...
it was a mini Theta circle!

Gain was a trooper - just landed and in London for a glass
of wine!

Gain and I did a big hike  in the Chilterns and had to stop at the Olde Bell in Hurley!

Our big day/night in London-it was fever pitch for the anticipatory
Royal Baby birth (aka the #greatkatewait)...luckily the Lindo Wing was around
 the corner from Paddington!

Gainer holding her fake Royal Baby!

At our funky hotel the Sanderson, ready to see "Once", the musical!

Lots of funky chair options...

Media in front of Buckingham Palace!

Whilst Gain was here, I dragged her back into London to have dinner at Balthazar with Pete's good friends,
Gibson and Laurie!

And before dinner with Gibson and Laurie, we met up with my good friend Stacey for a drink!

My visit with Kristin was fantastic-so fun to have a day and night out in the city! We saw the play Once and it was fantastic. She was a trooper as we finished up all the end of school year stuff! She left on a Tuesday and  Pete's sister, Nancy,  arrived a day later to the Hotel de Davis with her kids! Their visit is a entire separate blog post as it entails trips to London, Scotland and Normandy!